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I started my new job on the 12th of May at a Nursery.

I have a boyfriend :P hehe.

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My dad is having a heart operation on 25th, won't be active for a week or so.


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self care ideas ( ◠ ᴥ ◠ )

  • eat fruit or something sweet
  • take a warm bath with lots of bubbles!!
  • brush hair gently
  • walk outside barefoot, look at nice flowers
  • listen to soft nice music
  • go to the thrift store and buy nice old clothes
  • bake something
  • do laundry and make clothes smell nice
  • brush cat

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[Recovery Blog]
Anonymous: I don't want to live anymore, but I don't want to hurt anybody. I don't want anyone I know to feel pain like I do. I have been hurt by so many in my life, and I don't want others to hurt either, even if they were the ones who hurt me. I am so alone. I just want to sleep forever. I know me dying would hurt everyone around me, but I don't lob how much longer I can hold on. I have had three lifetimes worth of pain in sixteen years.

Hey there.

I’m sorry things are hard at the moment.

I’m glad you realise it would hurt those around you though. People care about you. Have you had any help or support? Maybe that could be of use to you?

Don’t give up just yet. Life can be cruel and hard. But it will always be okay in the end.


- Becks
Anonymous: Hi so I've been contemplating suicide for a long time now and I told my friend that I had decided I was finally going to do it. He cried and said I couldn't do that and that too many people cared about me. I said that wasn't true so we made a deal. He said I should send a message to my favorite tumblr recovery blog and for every 100 notes it gets that I'll push back the date two weeks. He's convinced that enough people care about me that it will show me I shouldn't kill myself. Idk we'll see

Suicide is permanent. Whatever problems you’re facing aren’t.

Your friend clearly cares about you! I bet there’s so many people who care, but your view is being clouded over.

Why do you want to die? What’s happened?

I personally don’t agree with the notes idea, but that doesn’t mean people don’t care and I don’t care.

I’m here if you need to talk. But please don’t take your life.

- Becks